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The Solution is Here

Since 2001 Diamond Dealer Services has been leading the Auto Detailing Industry. We provide cost effective detailing/reconditioning services to more than 30 Auto Dealerships in the tri-state area. Diamond Dealer Services onsite labor solution combined with the most advanced training and equipment available in the detailing industry will surely take your dealership to the next level. Our detailing specialists are experts in high quality vehicle detailing.

Key Differences:

  • Professional onsite labor.
  • Fixed cost per vehicle, new & used.
  • All personnel are fully trained and certified at our state of the art training facility.
  • Diamond Dealer Services employees are paid hourly not "piece work". By paying hourly, quality is much higher because our detailers are not rushed to turn over vehicles.
  • All Diamond Dealer Services employees are dressed to impress in uniforms.
  • We use the best products and equipment in the industry.
  • Professional management is onsite during 100% of your retail hours.
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly lot washing of the dealership's complete inventory.

What's the Value?

  • Cost of Labor
  • Cost of Hiring
  • New Employee Screening
  • Cost & Hassle of Scheduling
  • Cost of Chemicals
  • Cost of Supplies, i.e. Towels, Pads
  • Cost of Equipment Repairs, i.e. Polishers, Extractors, Compressors
  • Uniforms
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Garage Keepers Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Federal Unemployment Tax
  • State Unemployment Tax
  • Vacation Time
  • Inventory Maintenance, i.e. After Hours Lot Wash
  • CSI Money
  • Positive Income for Your Dealership Through Service Details

Contact Us

For additional information, contact Chuck Heinle at 410-785-0800.