Automotive Detailing

Automotive Detailing

New Car Protection Package

A Must For All New Cars

4 - 5 hours

Cars: $449.99 - $499.99
SUVs and Vans: $549.99 - $599.99


Encore Detailing's New Car Protection package was designed to help you protect your investment. We understand that buying a new car is a big purchase so we hand selected the best products from one of our favorite companies, Dr. Beasley's. Only cars with less than 5,000 miles are eligible for our New Car Protection because we want to protect fresh surfaces to give you the best results possible. This package requires us to have the vehicle for at least one full business day. Included in our New Car Protection package is:


Thorough Wash and Dry

Hand washed using only premium soap and an extra soft, premium wash mitt.


Wheels, Wheel Wells, Tires, and All Jambs Cleaned

Wheels are deep cleaned in and out using a top of the line wheel cleaner specialized for your vehicle. Wheel wells, tires and all jambs are cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner and wiped spotless.


Exterior Protection

Application of Nano Resin Paint Coating, Glass Waxx, and Wheel Seal (Read Descriptions Below)


Compressed Air

Dried with compressed air and plush microfiber towels.


Ultra Fine Clay Pad

Ultra Fine Clay Pad to deep clean paint and remove contaminates, leaving your car with a smooth feel and preparing the paint for polish and coating.


Exclusive Diamond Gloss Polishing

Designed to remove light surface imperfections and amp up the shine.



Complete Interior Vacuum

Detailed vacuuming with compressed air.


Minor Interior Cleaning


Interior Protection

Application of Leather Lock and Carpet & Fabric Protection (Read Descriptions Below)


Clean All Windows

All windows cleaned streak free.


About Our Protection

Nano-Resin is a long lasting, durable nano-coating designed to provide the best paint protection possible. It protects paintwork and leaves behind a glass-like hydrophobic finish that beads liquids, resists contaminants, and makes your vehicle easier to maintain. Your clear coat has microscopic peaks and valleys or "pores" and when left exposed, contaminants enter the clear coat and start to cause damage. Nano-Resin fills these "pores" with a liquid that when full hardened, is much like glass. 2 coats are applied for extra durability.


Glass Waxx is a glass polish and sealant that when applied makes your windshield nearly invisible for incredible definition while driving. It utilizes the same active ingredients used on aircrafts, so water and snow bead right off your windshield even in the roughest weather conditions. Glass wax makes driving much safer in harsh weather conditions.


Leather Lock is a hydrophobic coating which repels liquids and helps to keep your leather protected from staining and heavy dirt build up. This polymer based coating is safe and effective on all leather, making it perfect for your seats, dash, door panels, and virtually all other automotive leather surfaces. This is a must if you own a car with light colored leather.

Formulated to protect the individual fibers in your vehicle's fabric surfaces, Carpet & Upholstery Protection will bead liquids right off the surface, making it easy to wipe away spills that would otherwise stain your interior immediately. This product protects without affecting the look and feel of the fabric surface. 2 coats are applied to ensure even coverage.


Wheel Seal is a high-tech synthetic protective coating for your wheels which prevents the build up of brake dust. Its formula has extremely high heat resistance so it will last even if you take your ride to the track. Wheel Seal prevents damage caused by brake dust, road tar, and other road contaminants. 2 coats are applied.