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Automotive Detailing

AMMO Products

Encore Detailing teamed up with AMMO NYC to bring you cutting edge protection at an affordable price. You can have AMMO products applied to your car by choosing our "Encore Detailing" or you can purchase this package as an ADD on to our Deluxe Detail or Full Service Detail for only $199.

Everything else out there can tear down your paint leaving it unprotected. AMMO'S approach is to build up layers of protection and increase shine with every application. It's designed to endure long drives, high speeds, and punishing track days. AMMO is for those people that care about the way their car looks, as much as it drives. The AMMO regimen includes:

AMMO Reflex is the first layer of protection that goes on the paint. Unlike glass or ceramic coatings that claim to last a lifetime, Reflex creates a flexible membrane on the paint which wears away after one year. This allows you to have fresh layers put on every year. The benefit of this is that you won't lose your coatings performance from wear and tear. Reflex is applied to all paint, chrome, rubber, plastic, headlights, and taillights.

AMMO Skin is a super sticky, super strong polymer based coating. It adheres to the AMMO Reflex, creating a candy like shell on the clear coat. Skin is applied to all paint, chrome, headlights, and taillights.

AMMO Gelee is a high tech wheel sealant that's designed to keep brake dust from penetrating into the wheels. While it doesn't prevent brake dust entirely, which no product can, Gelee slows the build up of brake dust and dirt keeping your wheels cleaner for longer than normal. Gelee creates a deep glow that makes all types of wheel looks incredible. It's safe on all wheel types too including matte finish and powder coat.

AMMO Mousse is a leather moisturizer or "conditioner" as many people call it. It's designed with all the essentials that your leather needs to look its best and retain color while leaving a natural finish and not a greasy shine. Many conditioners out there simply shine the surface giving you a false impression that your leather has been treated. Mousse contains rich oils that penetrate deep into the pores of the leather. Mousse contains a light leather scent that is not overpowering.

Want to learn more about AMMO products? Visit their website.